Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bag swap - yippee

Opening day is here and look at the fantastic bag I scored from the lovely Emma!
Here is a close up of the embroidered label she put on it to remember the swap - a very nice touch. Sorry Emma, but this is strictly a keeper and you can't have it back!!!
Appologies for the dodgy photos but hubby has the camera at work so I resorted to mobile phone images. I couldn't get bluetooth to work so then had to recharge my account, set up phone email, email them, save them on the computer then upload them here. Two hours and a bit of aggro later, here they are.
She has done a great job and when the camera comes home I'll try to put up some better photos. I'm very impressed with the internal zipper pocket and the big pocket under the label. She also made a matching tissue case which is great because I can never find the things in my bags

And here is a pic of the bag I made for Sahra using the fabric from my last post. I enjoyed making this one and really hope she likes it. The photo is pretty bad, but the cross-over trim hides two big pockets on the outside of the bag and the whole thing is lightly quilted.

Yay - what a great start to the day. I'm off to pack my new bag up so I can take it to work and show it off!