Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 23 - Cars 2!

This was a 'Nuffnang' post - only posted because I expected to recieve free movie tickets.

Be warned, if you go to the effort of doing as they ask expecting to get a freebie in return, don't be too upset if nothing arrives in the mail.

Don't expect anything other than a curt reply from the 'customer service' department either.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Under the needle (or Surprise...I'm quilting!)

I've finally forced myself to sit down and get some quilting done on my big star quilt.
I was crazy enough to unpick everything I had done, peel off the backing, replace it with a lighter fabric and then rebaste the whole thing.
It was a big effort but I am much happier with the way the quilting looks on the new fabric.
Lesson learned: don't let the quilt shop lady talk you into a fabric you really don't want.

I chickened out on the free-motion and am using the walking foot instead. It means lots of turning and pushing and so on but I'm learning a lot as I go. I'm finding it easier to manage the more I do and my stitching is becoming more even. Pity I can't sew a straight line...
As soon as this is quilted and bound I will try some more free-motion on a much smaller quilt.

I'm not quite half-way through and so far I really only have one little section I'm unhappy with. I'm prepared to call it a learning experience and leave it alone.