Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breaking the creative drought


I spent last weekend sorting all my uni stuff and arranging my lesson plans and resources. I threw out mountains of stuff and actually managed to totally clear the surface of the desk - the first time I've seen it it a very long time. The shelves are sorted, folders labeled and I finally have a tidy space to play in again.

So, I spent today messing it up again. Two pairs of shorts for Jack, both from the Burda pattern I bought for a kids clothing swap about two years ago. The spider fabric (Eric Carle) was from Milly's recent destash and I teamed it with emerald green top stitching. The Superman fabric came from East Coast fabrics and I used red top stitching.

These shorts sit a little funny on Jack - sort of baggy at the front - so I tried them on him and pinned the elastic and fabric so that most of the gathers are at the back and then stitched in the side seams of the waist band to hold it. This sort of mimics a flat-front. The pockets are fairly shallow so not very useful for anything except collecting sand. I made a size 6, which is the largest size in the pattern and it only took 60cm of 112cm-wide fabric to make a pair, with scraps of contrast fabric for the front pocket facings. I didn't bother with back pockets as the would have been lost in the fabric design.
If I use this one again I think I would change the front pockets to make them deeper, but it might be time to look for different design.

And guess what? I cleaned up when I finished making them! My room looks as tidy as it was this morning before I started. I even put away all the fabric scraps and checked the carpet for pins. I stopped short of vacuuming up all the threads...