Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I need a green beanie Mum, because green is my favourite colour..

Certainly son, your wish is my command... (just don't go getting used to it).

Made from the free Basic Winter Hat pattern from Ravelry. I used Carnival Fair Isle Effects acrylic yarn from Big W because it was easy to grab while shopping, circular needles and then finished it off on double-pint needles. My first effort at knitting in the round, and I really enjoyed making this little hat.

Notice the cool spiral rib pattern on the brim? Don't tell anyone, but that occured because I cast on an extra stitch. I realised there was something unusual happening about 3 rows in but decided that I really liked the effect and kept on going. Much better than boring old rib stitch!

Advent countdown

Friday, December 2, 2011

Snakes and ladders - EB doll quilt swap

We opened our parcel this morning and were very excited to find an amazing snakes and ladders game made by the very talented Carmel - and I'm sure her boys were very sad to see it go.

Jack wanted to play straight away (big snakes and ladders fan), and this is so much better than the cheap dodgy cardboard game we have been using.

 Carmel even included a little drawstring bag with dice (die?), buttons for counters and some lollies that Jack decided were prizes for the winner. Photo credit to Jack who took about six variations of the shot above.

There are clever curved bits at the end of each row to show you where to go, and arrows scattered around to remind you as well. And look how cute these snakes are...

The back shows the quilting, and there are hanging corners so we can display it when it isn't being used. Somehow I think it will be a permanent fixture on the coffee table and may never make it to the wall.

The label on the back has a matching snake - perfect!

This is one very lovely, very clever quilt and I am feeling rather pleased and special that someone put so much time, care and effort into something for us.

Thankyou Carmel, it will be loved, used and well looked after.

It bloomed!

It took two packets of seed but I finally got one to flowering stage...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Doll quilt sneak peek - or why quilters are insane

The doll quilt swap is on again and here is a little sneak peek for my partner.

It has been a drama filled few months trying to get this quilt created.

Plan A would have been easy, there was plenty of fabrics in the stash that would have worked. But Plan A got pushed aside by Plan B when I uncovered a special fabric in the stash.

Plan B required a few more special fabrics. I found the border and background fabrics at a local quilt store, and the perfect backing and 'extra' fabrics on Ebay. The design was all worked out.
Then the fabric went missing in the post.

There was no way I could go back to Plan A after spending weeks thinking of Plan B, and I couldn't get substitute fabric in time to complete Plan B, so it was time to come up with Plan C.

Plan C required another search through the sewing cupboards and led me in a totally different direction.
Out came the 1930's fabrics I used for last year's swap and I unearthed some perfect neutral co-ordinates as well, so this will be totally made from the stash (yay me).

Plan C became Plan D and then has probably moved on to Plan E or even F, but I've given up trying to keep track. So much for a quick and simple doll quilt!

(As a post-script, the fabric for Plan B has been replaced by the seller and will probably turn up here before I finish this one. It will be hard to remain focused.)

And this is why quilters are insane - see those big squares in the top left corner?
They are 4 inch squares. Take two of those, sew them together, cut them apart, sew them together, cut them apart, sew them together and cut them apart again (give or take a few repetitions) and you (hopefully) end up with two 2-ish inch squares like those purple pin-wheels on the centre-left.
And see those tiny triangle off-cuts in the bottom right corner? I'm finding it hard to throw them out!


Spring sewing

 Back in August I was intending to make these little zippered pouches for a spring-themed sew-along. August, September, October all came and went, but they were finally finished off in November.
Last I heard November was still in Spring, so guess it still counts :)

Perfect stash-busting sewing. The fabric was from a Spotlight quilters-cotton jelly roll out of the stash. The orange ribbon was tied around the jelly roll. The zipper was from the zipper box, and the lime green lining was a remenent from a garage sale job-lot that has been in the stash for years.

Despite the length of time it took to reach the finished project stage, these were remarkably quick, easy and satisfying to make.

Do you like the pretty calendulas from the garden? So sweet in the little brass vase picked up at the same garage sale and recently polished up during a bout of spring cleaning fever.

Here they are - two little pouches for two not-so-little birthday girls, and only a month or two late for their birthdays.
And if you look closely you can see a freshly picked cucumber snuggled into the fruit bowl.
Spring sewing, spring gardening and spring cleaning all in one post :)