Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flickr faves - for doll quilt swap

For the EB Doll Quilt Swap - a mosaic of some of the quilts of Flickr that I really like.

I've orderd fabric for the one I'm planning for my partner and looking forward to the whole process.

great giveaway - please don't enter

From Corrie at retromummy:

Check it out, but please let me win!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another wedding in the family

We spent last weekend in Katoomba for my little brother's wedding. The ceremony was at Yester Grange and what a wonderful spot for a wedding!

The weather was perfect. It was freezing in the shade but quite hot in the sunshine. Check out the view behind the bride and groom (yep - they're used to the 'long and the short of it' jokes). My youngest sister was one of the bridesmaids. She is the one at the left of the group shot.

We had planned to take Jack on the ZigZag railway on Sunday, but we stayed up until about 2am after the reception so pretty much slept all afternoon instead.
Katoomba has some great restaurants and we had some fantastic meals while we were there. It was also nice to see the spring blossoms everywhere. Spring and autumn aren't any where near as exciting where we live.

Jack was excited to go on a plane. When we left home he stood in the driveway and burst into tears. How could we expect him to get in the car when we had just told him he was going on a plane?
He giggled most of the flight to Sydney, and nearly refused to get off the plane on our return trip.

Even more stars - look how they twinkle

A week off work has given me time to get sewing - and look what I've managed to acheive!

I'm really happy with this especially as it is the most complicated pattern I've attempted.
It is actually quite simple to piece as it is all strips, but the cutting and measuring require a bit of concentration.
Not one to be working on while enjoying a glass of red!

I got the outer borders sewn on this morning and spent quite a bit of time with the iron and a can of starch before taking these photos. Then I took a trip to the local quilt store to pick backing and binding fabric, batting and thread. The backing is a terracotta-orange colour and I picked up some fqs of the fabrics used in the stars so I can do a scrappy binding. I'll even have some leftovers for cushions if I ever get around to it.
The plan is to get the quilt basted by Sunday afternoon and then work on it for an hour or so every day or two and hopefully I'll have a finished quilt in a few weeks. I've even tidied up the sewing room so I can leave it underway once I start.
I did sign up for the EB doll quilt challenge at the same time - -although I'm hoping to get both finished together.