Friday, March 27, 2015

The year so far

This year I have been:

playing with pretty yarn

to make pretty things
completing long-in-progress projects

chasing a few rainbows


discovering new and surprising things

indulging in a bit of culture -

- in all its forms
and taking a bit of time out to enjoy a good story.
2015 has been good to me so far :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

And so it is 2015 - and three months!


I'm really not sure how we are almost into April.

Seems I've been busy.

Reading in 2014 and Reading Aloud in 2014 were a lot of fun for me, and Jack managed to put together quite a few book reviews for Reading Aloud that I've saved on the computer somewhere and never got around to uploading. I think I will just morph them into 2015.

The 'Kick the Bucket' challenge AJ and Rachel put together for 2014 was also fun, and saw me complete quite a few ancient projects. I've recently completed a quilt that was in progress for almost exactly 10 years, and it is now on my bed being used every night. I'll share it as soon as I get round to taking some photos.
I think I will continue KTB this year as the work in progress list hasn't really shrunk much at all, and there are a few projects I didn't get around to sharing.

We have a recent new addition to our family - our cattle-x-foxie puppy Gypsy. We think she is now about 7 months old and she came to live with us in January after being dumped and rescued by Working Breed Rehab.

She has filled a big hole left after we said goodbye to our last girl, Chloe, back in July last year. She is also the reason I don't seem to have a much time as I used to... puppies need a lot more attention than 10-year-old dogs!

So if I'm AWOL, it is probably because I am walking the dog, or replanting the sunflowers she has dug up, or taking her to obedience training, or filling in the holes in the lawn before my husband finds them, or throwing a ball, or
just curled up on the couch enjoying puppy snuggles.