Monday, August 9, 2010

A visitor and ANOTHER quilt in progress

This little guy has been hanging around our place for the last few weeks, changing trees every day.

He has a few battle scars so hopefully he will stay safe with us for a while.

I've spent a few hours over the weekend working on a baby quilt for a work friend's baby shower. The original plan was simple charm squares with a co-ordinating border and could have been completed in a weekend. However, the plan changed when the fabric arrived, and this is where I am up to....

It is inspired by Helen's Bye Bye Birdie quilt that appeared in Homespun magazine, and the bird appliques are taken from another quilt in a later edition of Homespun.
I've pieced the four long strips but the geen sashing isn't attatched yet. There will be two more sashing strips, a narrow pink border and a wide green spotty border.
That won't take long, but the quilting will take me a while.
And these little birds all need stitching down and they also need eyes and legs.
The baby shower is next weekend and I've decided not to try to finish it in time. It would end up rushed and I know I won't be happy with it.
I've also got some other commitments this week that simply can't be put off.
I think I will take a trip to the shops for a shower gift instead, and take my time working on this.
I'm sure there will be another little girl in need of a quilt sometime in the future.

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~LilOlFrankie~ said...

That is gorgeous Bec!!! I wonder if I could adapt it to my butterfly fling fabric and do butterflies where you've done birdies! I love it, great work :o)