Monday, September 6, 2010

Swap goodies - what I sent.

This was very hard to part with, as I loved the colours in this fabric.

Quite convenient that Jen made something in a similar colour way!

I sewed an outfit for Dani's son Alex, who is slightly older than Jack. The top and shirts were both Burda patterns (9792 & 9793). I'd never made either one before so it was a bit of a learning process and I have to admit to a little (hmm) bit of un-picking along the way.

The short sleeve, button front shirt was made using 'Rocket Scientist' fabric by Kerrie Beyer. I was rather chuffed that I managed to match the fabric design along the front opening. i was worried that I wouldn't get this part finished on time but it came together very quickly.

The shorts were made from a cord fabric with another print from the 'Rocket Scientist' range used for the pockets. The cord was much stretchier than I thought it would be, and I think I would prefer to make this pattern in a drill or light denim.

The purchased singlet top was a back-up plan when I thought I was running out of time to get the shirt finished. I did want a t-shirt but couldn't find a plain one in the right colour blue, and this top was the perfect colour. The applique is made from the fabrics used in the shorts and is a simple straight-stitch. I hope it stands up to washing.

I have a matching set in the green colourway almost finished for Jack. He keeps going into the sewing room looking for his 'rocket ships' so I think I had better get a move on with it.

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