Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reading Challenge - 13 in 2013

Rachel has thrown down the challenge - to read 13 grown-up books in 2013.
Hah - realistic challenge! I like!

While at the library yesterday I was browsing the shelves looking for inspiration and grabbed a book of short stories for some light, easy, pick-up-put-down holiday reading and then remembered the pile of books languishing on the shelves at home.

So home I went with only the one library book and dug out all the 'when I get time' books, gave them their own shelf and found out that I'll only need 3 more and then I've got an entire year of reading planned.

First up will be the Nick Earls short stories and Mary Poppins. I'm sure there will be another pile after I visit my parents and raid their shelves. I bought the Anh Doh biography and the Mary Poppins anthology recently, and the Nick Earls book is from the library but everything else was courtesy of Mum and Dad and their bulging shelves.


Car said...

Some great books in that pile! I have far too many on my to read shelf!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, great selection! Welcome aboard!