Wednesday, January 8, 2014

June 2013 - I-spy Flannel quilt

The top for this quilt was made in July 2010 and the backing was together and ready to baste in January 2011. ( I also made the pillowcases the same month).
In June 2013 I finally pulled it out, added a few strips of fabric to the backing, basted it and quilted it. I did straight lines 1/4 inch (ish) from the seams in the borders and around each of the squares on the front and then added a square double line of quilting in each 4 patch. I used a red/green/blue/yellow variegated thread on top and bottom and the stitching blends nicely into the busy prints.
The hardest part was deciding on the binding fabric. Jack had selected a green spot but it was the wrong colour and I didn't want to stare at it for hours while I stitched the binding down,  so I dug around and found a blue multi-colour-spot that we were both happy with.
 One side of the quilt is all flannel fabrics and it is a simple, ordered design. It was easy to make and I think it looks quite effective.
The other side is all quilting weight novelty cottons and is a riot of colour and pattern. This was lots of fun to put together. I got all the directional prints to face the same way to match the other side of the quilt (so there is a top and bottom) and I'm pretty sure I only used each fabric once. 

 The quilt ended up at 206cm x 154cm (roughly 81" x 60") and as you can see from the top photo it is a perfect size for a single bed.
 It was wonderful to get this quilt complete, and even more wonderful that it has been slept under every night since then. We often have games of ' I spy' or 'Can you find...?' using both sides of the quilt.
Makes me want to finish more things.

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