Friday, November 14, 2008

My first post

After being inspired by many months of lurking and snooping through other peoples blogs I finally got around to creating my own!

I'm proud to call myself a quilter and sewer although my actual output is pretty low compared to the designs and ideas swirling through my head. My UFO list is getting quite long as I have a habit of jumping into a new project when I'm already half-way through something else.

I'm mum to Jack, 18 months and work full time as a QA Chemist (beverages) currently in a shift role but soon to move to a permenant Mon-Fri role. Hopefully I'll be dropping back to part-time around Easter so I can be a bit more of a mum and less of a grouch! My husband is a construction foreman. We've been married almost five years.

I live on a wonderful bit of acreage between Brissy and the Gold Coast. We have our own patch of paradise complete with dog, chooks, millions of wild birds and a mob of wallabies that visit every morning and afternoon (hence the title of my blog).

The pic shown here is the first quilt I ever completed - as a gift for my sister-in-law. It's a pretty simple design. I bought a kit from 'Faeries in my Garden' and altered the design to fit an extra row of squares. It was supposed to have a hand embroidered border but I thought the colours and patterns were so pretty that it didn't need it. I have another version of this quilt in pinks and yellows in my UFO cupboard. I am 3/4 through the hand embroidery on it and must pull it out soon and finish it off.

The cushions were my own design, made using scraps from the quilt. It was my first attempt at satin stitch applique since year 10 home-ec! I used hand stitching to quilt the cushion fronts and was really happy with the final effect.

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