Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Halloween Wizard

This is Jack in his wizard costume I made for his Halloween dress-up day at daycare.

The cape is black panne velvet with a silver star pattern all over and it is lined with blue satin. It has a hood and I made a double loop and button fastening at the neckline because I didn't want to risk loose cords hanging around his neck. I made it without a pattern and was surprised how easy it was. I did make it a mile too long because I didn't allow for the weight of the fabric and it has about a 10cm hem - but that means it will fit for years!

The hat was originally a cheap witches hat from Spotlight, but when I took it out of the pack the fabric/plastic of the brim ripped apart from the crown. I decided to pull it apart and use it as a pattern. I used the same wire in the brim but it was rather wonky so the hat ended up with a wobbly shape to the brim.

Jack loved it but the daycare leaders had to confiscate the hat when he started to get a bit rough with it. He puts it on his head and then spins it like a top, and then takes it off, holds it by the point and bounces it up and down. Apparently it is great for whacking other kids with as well.

When I dropped him off I hung around for a while to accept the compliments from other parents - I've turned into one of those mothers and he isn't even at school yet!


Karen said...

Hi Rebecca, Welcome to the EB sewing group.
This is a very cute costume (and model!). I've made capes as a gift in the past and they are always a huge hit with girls and boys.
Looking forward to seeing what you create.

Corrie said...

cute and welcome to blogging and EB sewing girls too!