Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jack and his sack

Jack had a great Christmas this year.
Here is a picture of him opening his Santa sack on Christmas morning.

I made the sack for him for his first Christmas last year and it seems that this year he has the hang of it. It is still floating around the lounge room at the moment because I want to make some alterations to the lining. When Jack spots it he goes and looks inside to see if there is anything else in there!

The panel on the front is from a pattern in Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine last year. It was my first attempt at button-hole applique by hand and I was hooked by the time I finished it. The rest of the bag is scrappy patchwork of Christmas fabrics around a few small Christmas panels. It took forever and I hated it from about half-way through until I had it finished. Now I love it but next time I'll use bigger strips. It took hours!

Here is Jack inside his sack last year.


Little Munchkins said...

Looks great! Love the pic of him in the sack last year.

AJ said...

Looks great!!

Can you tell me how big it ended up finished....I had one on my list to do this year...but it didn't get done...Maybe I should start now for next christmas!

Caryn said...

What a gorgeous Santa Sack you have done a beautiful job. Jack looks happy in it for his first Christmas, what a great memory keeper. It makes me want to make one each for my 2 boys.