Sunday, December 7, 2008

PJ pants ticked off the list!

Wow - finally finished something!

These two pairs of pants are PJs for Jack. I started them about a month ago and got them mostly finished in a day but needed to finish off the waistbands and hem and create cuffs on the legs. The cuffs were because the pants were far too long (I made a size bigger than he really needed). I was a bit worried that the cuffs wouldn't work because they are a tapered leg but as you can see from the pics they turned out fine. Hopefully the extra length will mean he will get about a year out of them.

Jack likes the ducky ones best. I've had the fabric for about three months and every time he spotted it in the sewing room he would grab it and say "Duck Quack Quack" with the quacking hand actions. I took the photo of him in those ones first and when I changed him into the monster pants he grabbed the duck ones and tried to put them back on.

These were from Kwik Sew pattern 2918 and I think it is a great, simple pattern. I love the shape of the pants and they fit Jack's shape perfectly. The first time I used it I made these cargo pants from a light drill. I did the waist band differently because I had narrower elastic than the pattern specified, and played with the pocket position. I made these in July or August and they have been well worn and have stood up to constant washing and wearing very well.
I'm planning on making some t-shirt tops to go with the pants and will use the top pattern from the same package. I used it to make some long sleve tops for winter. He got a fair bit of wear out of these and once I got the hems figured out it they were quite simple. They were all they same size - just a really bad pic.

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