Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bella's new family - Giveaway day winner

Thanks to everyone who offered to adopt my little Bella.

Using the old-fashioned pull a number out of a hat (or tupperware bowl in my case) method the random winner was comment number 21 - Joanne.

Just waiting for Joanne to contact me and then Bella will be off to her new home, and by the sounds of it to a very appreciative little bear-lover!

I've been looking at Bella every day for the last week and am very tempted to pull the templates out and start one or two little friends........like I need any more WIPs around the place!


Joanne said...

Hi Rebecca,


Thank you so much, the boy will be so ecstatic...

Ill send you a pic of the love!


ps, also sent private email ;)

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Congrats Jo! Puhleez make some more little bears, they are sooooo darling. No such things as too many WISPs, it's great to have variety and options when you feel like doing some craft! :-)

Capital Mom said...

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for directing me to the Lost in Austen tv show. Have been watching it on the Internet and loving it!

Joanne said...

Hi Rebecca,

Bella came today, and i cant believe how amazingly beautiful she is!

I mean the pic is so sweet, but when you unwrap her she is an absolute glorious GEM.

I cant find the right words to express how over the moon I am with her, as a sew and sew i am in awe, I really hope you keep going with them, you have managed to capture the vintage sweet teddy look, just so lovable and adorable.

Odysseus is, just as i thought, in deep deeeeep love, can Bella come to school? NO lol

If you ever sell them can you let me know, i now have a 10 year old daughter whining but but but but ooohhh i wwaanntt one tooooo, and to be honest, they are so special i would buy her one in a heartbeat.

Keep up the brilliant work, you have a loyal follower here in NSW!