Saturday, August 1, 2009


Look what happens when you drop into the local fabric shop while waiting for an appointment!

This strip roll is for a lone-star style quilt. Only got 20 strips to see if I can manage it, and if I like it. If I like the way the first two blocks turn out, I'll be back for more.

And this bright set of FQ is from the Adalucia range, sitting right inside the door just to tempt me. I really didn't need it but just couldn't walk out the door without it! I'm thinking of making a QS quilt with it in a similar design to the one below.
I'll use 10in squares that will give me final blocks of about 9-9.5 in (the ones below are 5.5in) with five fabrics per square. Not sure what to do for sashing and if I should add cornerstones to the sashing. Might use either the first or the third one in the top row for a 10in border, if I can get enough.
I'm a bit hesitant to cut them, in case I don't like the design when I put it together. These colours are way outside my normal style!
The alternatives I have in mind are simple large squares, large squares combined with a four-patch or a stacked-coin style. Any other suggestion would be quite welcome...

This is the design I'm thinking of using as a starting point. This one is only lap-size. The blocks are about 5.5 in, the sashing is 1.5in and the borders are about 6in. it began life as a pack of thirty 6in charm squares. I wanted one fabric in the border but could only get single fat quarters in the same fabrics so I improvised. The creamy looking fabric is actually a goldy-beige and tones quite well. For some reason the camera altered the colours quite a bit.

Well, certainly some sewing in my future - best get cracking.

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