Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stars in my eyes...

Completed - the first block of my scrappy star quilt. Approx 30in square. dodgy photo - when I've done the next block I'll take pics during the daytime ;)
I've wanted to attempt a lone-star style block ever since I started dabbling in patchwork.

I found this pattern in the Jelly Roll quilts book and some scrappy strip rolls in my LQS and decided to dive in.

The diamonds came together pretty quickly and I'm quite pleased with my seam allowances and the straightness of my stiching. The colours in the strip rolls worked fairly well and I only substituted one star center with fabric from my stash. I've tried not to overthink the colour placement but there is one set of greens in another star that I'm not happy with - lack of contrast.
Cutting and sewing the background setting triangles has been a bit more of a challenge. The bias seams in the corner squares don't sit quite flat so I'll need to make some adjustments.
Otherwise, I'm happy.
Three more piles of diamonds and two piles of setting triangles are starched and ready to sew.
And on another theme - an early reminder of Father's day......
Here is my little man and my big man - one is mopping and the other is 'helping'. Check out the action the little guy has already. I might need to invest in a real mini mop for him.
And of course the dog has to be part of the action. I think it took three times as long as normal to do the floor this weekend!


Anonymous said...

nice blog.

clare's craftroom said...

That block is beautiful , looking forward to your next one .