Friday, January 21, 2011

January finishes

I'm loving actually finishing off some of the half-made projects that have been lying around feeling sad and lonely...

Joanna Goanna was intended for a baby shower gift in September or October but I got as far as the feet and had a craft-melt-down. Those things were mighty hard to turn, and there were four of the things!
So I pulled her out at the start of the month and stuffed and stitched and finished her off.
She is from Homespun magazine and I think is designed by Melly and Me.
I used polar fleece for her belly and underside of her feet to make her extra cuddly. She is totally made from the stash, so it is nice to have her finished off.
(I'd better go and remove the blue marker from her eyes and nose before I decide what to do with her!)

One of the problems with doing some hand sewing in front of the TV is that my husband has an issue with pins and needles - particularly when I stick them in the couch while I'm sewing - not that I've ever left them there but for some reason he doesn't trust me....
So I made my own little 'safety sewing stash' from a plastic screw-top jar and some scrap fabric and ribbon.

The jar is big enough to hold a pair of embroidery scissors, a thimble, threader, pins, needles, a few cards of embroidery thread or a reel of cotton and also gives me a spot to stash all the little thread off-cuts (another pet peeve of the other half!).
Because it is plastic it is safe if it gets dropped on to the tile floors.
And I also got to mess around with the hot glue gun...:)

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