Friday, January 21, 2011

Pre-Christmas crafting

Yep, I know it is nearly the end of January, but I wanted to remind myself of the 'completed' list because the WIP list grew at a rapid rate when I cleaned out the sewing cupboard and found lots of forgotten treasures.

Firstly - two 'Make it Perfect Versatile Wrap Skirts'. I cut these out way back in...?... when I made one in the blue/brown colourway for a swap. I'm not sure why I never finished them but now I have and they have bothe been worn several times.
(And no, they are not as tiny as they look in the picture - just folded to hang neatly on the hanger for the photo.)
Secondly, Jack's rocket outfit. Again started for a swap way back in...?... and all they needed was elastic in the shorts and the applique stitched down. I didn't get the matching button-up shirt made (actually not even cut out) but these were done and ready for Christmas day.

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