Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Finish - but only a sneak peek

Finally finished - a little past the due date - and in the mail is this little doll quilt.
It should have arrived so I'm just waiting for the recipient to let me know it has been recieved so I can post the final pics.

I posted some peeks here and admitted to insanity.
See those pinwheels below?
Each of them is about 2 inches square. I thought sewing them together was bad enough, but the quilting took insanity to a new level. Lots and lots of seam intersections...lots and lots of unpicking! I gave up on the free-motion attempts and stuck to the tried-and-true walking foot and straight lines.
I love the final quilt but I'm not in a hurry to attempt tiny pinwheels again any time soon.

This quilt is also my first finish for 2012. Makes me a late starter, but lets me join in with the rest of the girls doing AJ's '12 in 2012' WIP challenge.
(Full details here )
Being totally realistic, there is no way I'm going to finish 12 quilting WIPs by the end of this year. I'll be happy just to get a few crossed off the list and clear some space in the sewing cupboard.

Speaking of lists - here is mine:

I wrote it out quite a while ago and have added a few things to it over the last year.
But look - those crossed out ones have been finished!
It isn't all quilting. There are all sorts of projects on there. Some are started, some are kits ready to go, some are just wishes.
It would be nice to get a few more crossed off.

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