Friday, March 2, 2012

Angelina Ballerina

The doll quilt has been delivered - and stashed for a certain little girl's birthday in a few weeks.
Perfect timing.

So here it is...

The lovely little ballerina mouse is adapted from a very cute quilt I saw on Flikr some time ago.

I drew my own version of her mouse, and used backstitch rather than running stitch, and appliqued the bodice-part of the tutu in place. A scrap of favourite lace was used to make the 3D skirt.

I used a photo of the completed top as the label, edited in Publisher to add the details, and printed on Matilda's Own printable fabric.

The quilt has hanging corners on the back in case the new owner wants to put it on the wall, but I also made a little pillow out of scraps so it can make a bed for a special doll. (I do hope it gets cuddled and snuggled and well-worn).

The whole thing is a stash-busting project...I didn't have to buy a thing! I need a few more of these projects to clear out the stash.

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Car said...

Awesome little quilt!