Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy birthday to me...

Look at the fantastic fabrics I received for my birthday. These came from the girls in the EB fat quarter birthday swap - I asked for black and white so it isn't a spooky coincidence. I had in mind a black and white quilt but some of these are encouraging me down different paths.
One of these parcels has been sitting unopened in my sewing room teasing me for a whole month. The others arrived during the week and I held out until Sunday but then I caved and opened them even though my birthday wasn't until Monday.

The four folded fabrics at the bottom are from the lovely Kelly over at Purple Paisley Patch http://purplepaisleypatch.blogspot.com/. Aren't they sweet! The top one with the prints of the little girls has caught my eye - it reminds me of the fairy pictures by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (sp?) in a book I had when I was little. I think it was called the Enchanted Forest.

The checkered one on the right is from Sam and it tones perfectly with Kelly's ones. I might do something with these and fussy cut the girls as features and the other fabrics as patchwork blocks.

Caryn sent me the next one in from the left - white and grey star-bursts on black. As soon as I opened this it started screaming "I want to be a bag!" so maybe that's what I'll do with it, but it will definitely be a keeper for me. There was also a big pile of black buttons (I think they were in this package) that I'm itching to play with.

The one at the back with mushrooms and deer is decorating weight fabric from Kristi. The design is in stripes so it is calling out to be used as a trim on something - overalls or a dress maybe? And certainly some covered buttons!

The two vine print fabrics are from Kylie and they are right up my alley. They look so nice together that I think they are destined to stay that way, so where ever I use one I'll have to use the other too.


Purple Paisley Patch said...

oooooohhhh ahhhhh, what a gorgeous little collection of black and white fabrics you've got there! I really love the starbursts, that fabric would make a gorgeous bag, you could even embellish it with some sparkly beads and sequins. The deer and mushroom print is just darling, I'm coveting that one! I hope you had a great day yesterday - 21 again? Kelly :-)

Caryn said...

What a fabulous collection of black and white print fabrics. So many possibilities there. I look forward to popping back to see your creations!

Little Munchkins said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I never knew there were so many lovely black and white fabrics - must keep an eye out for them now.