Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jack's swap clothes

Finally, Jack has been well and happy enought to co-operate with a photo of his swap clothes. This arrived in the mail just as we got home from NZ but because we've all been sick (and I've also been a bit lazy) I'm only just blogging it now.
This is a pic of the pack that Lil Frankie sent us for the EB clothing swap - a pair of beautifully made PJs with brightly coloured tractors/diggers all over them, a cute singlet and a board book about cars/trucks/planes which was a good choice for Jack. Jack took one look at the PJs and said 'Dig Dig' and took off with them.

Here he is curled up in my bed reading his book, which is a firm favourite. The top is a little big now but will be perfect by the time the weather warms up again.

And here is an action shot - 'Big Jump!' as he shows off the singlet and pants. The pants fit perfectly now and by summer hopefully he will be TT and nappy free so we should get a full year out of them.

Jack loves his gifts and I'm pretty happy with them too. Bring on the next swap now I've recovered from this one!

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