Friday, March 23, 2012

Giant Star Quilt

(suggestions for quilting and finishing most welcome)

The four centre squares will yield a quilt center of 74 in square.

Option 1. I'm thinking of using the charm squares to surrond them (will finish at 4.5in), then adding another plain grey border around that. If I use the same width as the charms then the quilt will end up at 94 in square. I'd make a scrappy binding.

Option 2. Instead of the grey outer border I could use the charms to sash between the four blocks and around the outside and it would end up 88 in square. I'd use the grey for binding.

Option 3. Scrap the queen size quilt and make the stars into four baby-size play quilts or two single bed quilts.

The whole ide of this quilt was to use some stash and to create something simple to practice some free-motion quilting on. I was planning on some free-motion design in the stars, a grid in the grey and cables in the border or grid/lines in the stars and free-motion in the grey.

What do you think?

(I have two charm packs and 9 layer cake squares to use)

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Emma said...

I'd go with option 1. In terms of the quilting, I'd be more inclined to FMQ the grey, where it would show up better. Cabling the grey outer border shuld work well. There's really no wrong or right to quilting choices; it's about personal preference. My preference would not be to to a grid; although I'm not especially keen on the look, it's really because I'd find it boring to quilt!