Saturday, January 10, 2009

And still more....

Other projects - these are the oldest and need to be cleared off the list to make room for others...

First are some blocks for a sampler quilt. These were my first attempts at patchwork and were based on designs from a library book. I quite like the bottom three and need to think of some way to use them. The top two don't have enough contrast and I had problems with the templates and the finished measurements being totally different from those in the book.

Not sure how much of these fabrics I still have - I know for sure that most of the solid blue and green have been used for binding other quilts.

This next one is my 'beginner's quilt', made in the first class I took. I was half-way through the quilting when I gave up out of sheer frustration and stuck it in the cupboard.

The top isn't square, the quilting is terrible and I really hate the backing fabric. I want to unpick the quilting, replace the backing (its horrible pink) and then layer it properly and quilt it again.
I've been told just to finish it as is but my heart breaks when I look at all the puckers both front and back and I know I couldn't live with it.
This is the problem with classes when the teachers don't really give you enough guidance or share the special little tips and tricks. I think I've learned more from books, magazines and a drop-in sewing group than I did at this very expensive class. I also think it was far to big to attempt as my first experience with machine quilting.

I picked the border fabric - it leaped off the shelf at me but the shop assistant picked out the other fabrics. Individually, I like them. Together they make the paisley print look orange. Here is a close up of the feature fabric. I still love it and would use it again but would be more conservative with pairing it with other prints.

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