Saturday, January 10, 2009

More WIPs

Here's some more items from the depths of the sewing cupboard that have been put aside for one reason or another. I'm hoping that listing them here will keep them top of mind and encourage me to finish them. Still trying to decide which one to finish first - must sign up for the challenge....

First up, a lovely charm square quilt in pinks and yellows. This is the same as the brown one in my first post but I did the embroidered border on this one. Instead of backstitch I started the vine in stem stitch and it took forever. There is only a tiny section of vine and leaves to complete then it needs some scattered flower buds and quilting and then it is done. I have a lovely yellow velvetine all ready for the backing and enough fabric scraps to make some matching cushions.

Second, a flannel quilt top based on the Tuscan Sun pattern from AP&Q several years ago. This just needs quilting and binding but I didn't think my quilting skills were up to it so I put it off. I was thinking of using a yummy stripy polar fleece in similar colours for the backing, and a patchy binding using the patterned flannels. The dark purple background is flannelette not quilter's flannel and I wish I had searched for better quality fabric because I think this will wear much faster.

Third, a raggy quilt made without a pattern. It is roughly cot size but smaller than intended because the cotton fabrics on the top shunk badly when I pre-washed them. The dye that came out was amazing - just as well I washed the oranges and greens separately. It has flannel in the middle and polar fleece backing and was pretty simple. (Shocking photo, really bright fabrics and all different patterns that have dissappeared here) Now all it needs is the seams clipping, a good fluff up and then needs a home. Surely I can finish this one this month?

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