Saturday, January 10, 2009

Even more...

These were started before Jack was born but.....

A lovely rainbow cardigan that needs half a sleeve and then sewing up. I really enjoyed this but didn't manage to finish it before Jack was born and found it too hard to keep count of the raglan sleeve decreases in between feeding and changing. Once Jack got too big it went into the cupboard with the rest.

Next, the block of the month that I cheated and bought the whole kit for. I sewed up the block backgrounds, cut out all the appliques and then decided I wanted to hand applique it all and put it away. After making Jack's santa sack I realised it wasn't that hard, pulled out the first block and got going. Then Jack got mobile and boxes of embroidery thread and needles weren't safe for long so again it got put away.
The finished quilt is actually a double size. I thought of making two smaller quilts or a quilt and wall hangings instead, but need to get the blocks done first.

The humpty block is almost done. If I keep this where I can get to it and try to do half-an-hour a few nights a week then this block would be done in no time. Another candidate for the monthly challenge?

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Selina said...

It's gorgeous! Hoping to see it in various stages of finished!!