Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kalediscope quilt - very slow WIP. Comments please.

I pulled this out of the cupboard yesterday and wondered why I still hadn't finished it. I really love it, and lots of time has gone into it. I purchased the fabric and pattern as a kit and altered the layout because I prefered this pattern. I got this far at least two years ago and then got stuck.

Borders - what to do with them?

The quilt top at the moment is slightly smaller than the top of a queen-size mattress. (Shown on a queen bed)

I have enough of the black fabric to do some plain borders and then bind with left-over batiks. However, I had thought of doing a band of squares (same size as small squares in blocks) on point with a plain black strip on either side. I have measurements stashed somewhere that went into the too-hard basket.
I would welcome suggestions. Would plain borders be best - maybe anything else would be too busy.


Karen said...

I think this looks fabulous as is and so would do a black border with a batik backing so that the pattern is the feature on the front.
Wow - lovely.

Ruth said...

That looks great! A black border would really make the colours jump out; frame them. You could then do another pieced border with your left over bits, and black binding. Or a coloured pieced binding. It would all look great. Look forward to seeing it finished!

AJ said...

That looks great well done on getting it out the cupboard!! Black borders will look good...with a square on point in each corner?

Let me know how you go with the mystery quilt!